Art belongs on your wall. Not in your closet.

We get it. You're busy. There's those wonderful finds you have from that amazing Up North art show you went to on vacation. That garage sale sale find, which isn't a masterpiece worth a million on Antiques Roadshow, but is still pretty cool. That painting your Third-Grader did that brought tears to your eyes.


They're beautiful and precious. But not sitting in the closet underneath the downhill skis.


That's where we come in. At Natural Spaces Framing & Gallery, we make it easy, painless and...dare we say, to find the perfect frame and matting for that art; turning it from a floormat in the closet to a beautiful enhancement to any room.


We have hundreds of frame and mat combinations for you to try. But don't worry - we're there to help guide you so your art looks perfect. And, we think you'll be surprised at how affordable framing can be.


Stop in for a consultation or just to say hi and look at our choices.


Oh, and if you have those unique projects, like Dad's old high school football jersey (hey, his work on the offensive line was art) - we're here to help with those as well!


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